Coping With Grief Through the Dark Winter Months

As the season changes, grief can often deepen. This is true especially as we go into Autumn and Winter. This doesn’t mean going into the brightness of Spring and Summer can’t also be too much. Heck, grief is awful at any season. So let’s think of ways to cope.

Wrap your support network around you like a blanket. It’s often tempting to isolate. Stimulation feels raw. Find healthy people who truly support you.

Let candles welcome you home. Buy the ones that are fake but look so real. Some you can program to be on when you return in the darkness.

It’s okay to say No, but try to say Yes. When friends or family ask you out or over and you’re not feeling up to it, you may want to give it a try but with an “escape” plan in mind. Explain that you may need to leave early and take your own car. Or…just say no.

I’d love to have you share any coping tools that have helped you. Please leave a comment.

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 Thanks to all of you who support my mission to help those in bereavement. Let’s help each other.

Posted on October 10, 2018 .