Courage Road was founded by Mary Ransom, a licensed marriage and family therapist. Mary has nine years specialized experience with grief counseling, and has helped hundreds of individuals to navigate bereavement.

Choosing the right grief counselor is a deeply personal decision, and only you know when you’re ready to start dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. That’s where Courage Road comes in. Here you will find regular advice on how to cope with grief, and learn to look toward a hopeful future.

In the aftermath of loss, taking that first step can seem impossible. Mary has helped hundreds of people walk the road to healing, and she’s here to help you, too. Support and advice are only an email away.

No matter what the source of your grief, know that you’re not alone. Mary has guided clients through losses of every type, from watching a loved one die following a long illness, to sudden, shock bereavements that turned their world upside down. She has held the sorrows of clients whose loved ones have taken their own lives, and helped parents and families overcome the unthinkable loss of a child. She has facilitated groups for widows, siblings, bereaved parents, and survivors of suicide (SOS).

If you are in California, Mary can provide counseling, otherwise she is only available for phone support. See the full disclosure here.

No matter what type of grief you’re dealing with, one thing is certain. You cannot run away from the pain. It will follow you until you’re ready to face it. With help and guidance from Courage Road, you don’t have to be alone when that day comes.