The Pervasiveness of Grief

Hello Dear Ones - I have not written a Courage Road post for several months. I'll tell you why. In the face of what happened in my former community of Santa Barbara/Montecito, I was rendered speechless. The devastation of the fires and then the mudslides were incomprehensible. What words could possibly comfort during this unprecedented disaster? I don't live there anymore but I still felt the impact in my gut. I was told of the somber mood which loomed over the cities. Such grief! And more recently the Parkland shootings in Florida—more grief. 

Is it me or does grief seem to pervade our daily lives?

The theme of my book Courage Road: Your Guide from Grief to Hope speaks about the courage it takes to face the pain, not to numb or deny it. However, I also emphasize the need for balance. It's far too dark and depressing to stay in the state of pain. Sometimes we must distract ourselves. 

Can you plan something that might be entertaining like a movie? Or can you take a break from news? Or can you get together with friends and declare a "Positive Only Zone". Some of you left the Santa Barbara area to breath clean air somewhere else. Did it feel good to get away? Could you practice releasing the worry of the day? 

Many of you may have experienced trauma associated with the tragic events. I firmly believe that EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can help minimize and even remove disturbing images or sensations that we are unable to shake off. Please find a therapist who practices that modality of treatment. 

Posted on March 7, 2018 .